Niger is a country that has been named after the River Niger and it is a landlocked nation in the western Africa. It is considered to be the largest nation in West Africa and it has an area of about 1,270,000 square kilometers. Niger is a country with about 13,300,000 and most of them live in west and south of the country. Niamey is its capital city. About 4/5th of the nation is covered by desert and it is also considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world. The country is susceptible to periodic desertification and drought.

Diori Hamani International Airport is Niger’s main international airport and it is situated in its capital city. There are also other airports in the country and they are the Zinder Airport (Zinder) and the Mano Dayak International Airport (Agadez).

Niger is one of the countries with the one of the largest uranium deposits in the world. Its economy depends on this deposit, livestock and crops. The culture of the country is diverse and the chief religion of the population is Islam. More than 4/5th of the population living in Niger are Muslims and there are also some Christians and Animist communities.

The people from Niger are called Nigeriens.