North Korea

North Korea is a nation that is located on the northern side of the Korean Peninsula. Located in East Asia, North Korea’s capital is Pyongyang and it is also the largest city in the country. The other major cities in the country include Hamhung, Chongjin, Wonsan and Sinuiju. The country is separated from China from two rivers and they are the Tumen River and the Amnok River. The climate of the country is continental and there are four seasons: winter, summer, spring and autumn. The winters are cold and bitter while the summers are rainy, hot and humid. The country also experiences typhoon during the early fall.

The economy of North Korea is centralized, autarkic and industrialized. There are only five socialite states in the world and among these five, only North Korea and Cuba are the two states with state-owned and Government-planned economy. The Tourism Organization manages the tourism of the country. It is true that the tourism sector has increased with the passing of years but not many visitors from the West visit the country. Most of the tourists who visit North Korea are from Japan, Russia and China. It is quite difficult for the citizens of South Korea and United States to get a tourist Visa for North Korea.

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    Anak Tomb №3

    Anak Tomb №3 is a chamber tomb of Goguryeo located in Anak, South Hwanghae, North Korea. It is known for mural paintings and an epitaph. It is part of the Complex of Goguryeo Tombs.

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    Anhak Palace

    The Anhak Palace is a royal residence of the Goguryeo kingdom that was built in 427 AD.

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    Kaesong Chomsongdae

    The Kaesong Chomsongdae Observatory is located in Songak-dong, Kaesong, North Korea. It was an astronomical observatory during the Koryo periodю

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    Kangso Three Tombs

    The Kangso Three Tombs are mausoleums located in Kangso-guyok, North Korea. They are part of the Complex of Koguryo Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a National Treasure of North Korea.

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    Manwoltae Palace (Ruins)

    Manwoltae Palace was the official royal palace of the Goryeo Dynasty. Located in the ancient capital city of Kaesong, the palace was completely destroyed during the Red Turbans invasions of Korea during the 14th century.

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    Namdaemun (Kaesong)

    he Kaesong Namdaemun is the south gate of the old walled city of Kaesong, North Korea.

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    Pyochung Pavilion

    Built during the Joseon dynasty, this small wooden structure houses two enormous stone stele mounted on the backs of lion-turtles, one erected in 1740 by King Yeongjo and the other by King Gojong in 1872. Both commemorate Jeong Mongju's assassination, and praise his loyalty to the Goryeo dynasty.

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    Ryonggang Great Tomb №15

    Ryonggang Great Tomb is one of 30 individual tombs from the later Goguryeo kingdom, one of Three Kingdoms of Korea in present day North Korea.

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    The Songgyungwan was the highest educational institution established during the Koryo and Choson Dynasties. It opened in 992.

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    Sonjuk Bridge

    Sonjuk Bridge is a Koryo-dynasty stone bridge located in Kaesong, North Korea. B Built in 1290, it is famous as the place where famed Confucian scholar and statesman Jeong Mong-ju was assassinated, allegedly on the orders of the Yi Bang-won, son of the first king of the Joseon Dynasty, Yi Seong-gye.

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    Sungyang Academy

    Sungyang Hall is a fourteenth-century Confucian academy located on the side of Mt. Janam in Kaesong, North Korea.

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    Susan-ri Rock Paintings Tomb

    The Susan-ri Tomb is a mounded stone chamber tomb with mural paintings built around the late fifth century.

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    Tokhung-ri Tomb

    The tomb was built in 408 in the period of Kwanggaetho, the 24th king of Koguryo dynasty and unearthed from the late 1976 to the early 1977.

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    Tomb of King Kongmin

    The Tomb of King Kongmin, more correctly known as the Hyonjongrung Royal Tomb, is a 14th-century mausoleum located in Haeson-ri, Kaepung County just outside the city of Kaesong, North Korea.

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    Tomb of King Wanggon

    The Tomb of King Wanggon, more correctly known as the Hyollung Royal Tomb, is a mausoleum located Haesong-ri, Kaepung County near Kaesong, North Korea.

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    Twin Column Tomb

    The Twin Column Tomb is a two-chambered burial tomb dating from Koguryo period.