Paraguay is a landlocked nation that is located in the Western Hemisphere. At times, it is also referred to as the Heart of America because it is situated in the central part of South America. Majority of the people living in Paraguay are Roman Catholics and there are also followers of other religions as well.

Most of the people living here are based in the eastern region near the largest city, which is also the capital city of Paraguay, Asuncion. In fact, about 1/10th of the population lives in this city.

The country is considered to be a poor nation because about 30% to 50% of the population is poor. In fact, it has been reported that Paraguay is the second poorest nation in the South America with a Gross Domestic Product per capita of just four thousand dollars.

Its human development index score is 0.755. It is possible for foreigners to buy land in Paraguay. However, the citizens of Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil are not allowed to own land in certain frontier regions.

Cattle ranching, agribusiness and agriculture are important activities for Paraguay’s economy. The nation is considered as the third largest exporter of chalk boards in the world.