Somalia used to be known as the Somali Democratic Republic. This nation lies in Africa and on the west of Somalia there is Ethiopia, on its east there is the Indian Ocean, on its north there is the Gulf of Aden and Yemen, on its southwest there is Kenya and on its northwest there is Djibouti. Somalia is considered to be the easternmost nation in Africa and it is situated in the horn of this continent. The coastline of this country is the longest in Africa. Somalia experiences uneven rainfall, seasonal monsoon winds and a hot climate all through the year.

Most of the people living in Somalia are Sunni Muslims as Islam was introduced in to the country very early. It is believed that the religion may have entered the country long before it was followed by everyone in the place of its origin. Christianity became less popular in the seventies when church-run missionaries and schools were shut down. In fact, the constitution of the country does not encourage nor promote other religion in the country apart from Islam. This is the main difference between this African country and other countries in Africa because people of other African countries also follow Christianity and other religions.

The people from Somalia are called Somalis.