Sudan, or the Republic of the Sudan as it is officially referred to as, is situated in the northeastern Africa. It is the largest nation in this continent and also in the Arab. In terms of the land area, Sudan is considered to be the 10th largest nation in the world. On the north of this country there is Egypt, on its southwest there are the Central African Republic and Congo, on the southeast it is bordered by Uganda and Kenya, on its east it is surrounded by Ethiopia and Eritrea; and it has the Red Sea on its northeast. River Nile, the longest river on the planet, bisects this nation from south to north.

In the year 2009, Sudan was ranked as the world’s 3rd most unstable nation because of the never ending humanitarian crisis (Darfur) and also because of the extensive violation of human rights. The country may be the 17th fastest developing country in the world but it still has many economic problems. Sudan is also rich in mineral resources like nickel, petroleum, copper, natural gas, silver, gold, etc. The most important sector of Sudan’s economy is agriculture because it employs about 4/5th of the working population in the country.

The people from Sudan are called Sudanese.