Blue Eye (Syri i Kalter)

25 km away from Saranda town, near the traditional impressive stone built village of Musina, into a forest of hazelnuts, walnuts, cherries, pines and fir trees, 177 meters above the sea level, 18 springs come together out of the bottom of the earth and a rare beauty forms, the famous "Blue Eye", which is a geological phenomenon.

Because of its oval shaped form and of the water, which is coming out of the earth, deep blue in the center and the light blue at the sides it looks like a human eye. Nobody knows how deep it is. Divers who tried to reach the bottom because of the pressure of the water have managed to go only 45 meters deep. It has a rate of flow of 6 cubic meters of water per second and a water temperature of 13 Celsius degrees. Visitors throw a stone into the center of this spring, and after a while they see the same stone coming up again on the surface of it. This geological phenomenon is of tectonic origin. Its water is believed to be a filtration from Drinos valley. These 18 springs provide water to "Bistrica" river which is 25 km long and by an artificial channel built in 1958, its waters flow into the Ionian Sea.

In the area of the "Blue Eye" wild life is rich and varied too, wild animals exist, like the fox, the fowl, the reptiles and the marten. "Blue Eye" is Albania's small treasure. Beautiful place to see. Breathtaking view of the water. Bath in and drink the water straight from the cleanest source in Europe.

  • Albania - Blue Eye spring
  • Albania - Blue Eye spring
  • Albania - Blue Eye spring
  • Syri i Kalter (Blue Eye spring)
  • Syri i kaltër (Blue Eye)
  • Albania - Blue Eye spring
  • Albania - Blue Eye spring
  • Syri i kalter-Albania..