Bella Fay Castle (Palace), Simeria

The castle was built at the beginning of the XIXth century. the building was damaged during the 1848 revolution but was rebuilt between 1870 – 1880.

The castle became the property of Bela Fay after 1918. Bela Fay was a naturalist and a member of the Hungarian Science Academy. The Forest Research and Experiments Station in Simeria is opened here since 1954.

The castle is surrounded by an XVIIIth century dendrological park. The oldest and most valuable exotic and local wood plant exhibition is opened here. The park was enlarged between the years 1870 – 1880 with a series of plants originating from the Far East and from Northern America.

There are currently over 2.165 species of plants and trees inside the park. The dendrological park was ranked third in Europe by the British Encyclopedia. The park was ranked eleventh on a global scale.

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