Martinuzzi Castle (Ruins), Vintu de Jos

Today only ruins, the Martinuzzi Castle is located in Vintu de Jos , Alba County, about 10 minutes from Sebes. The name of Vintu de Jos town is mentioned in documents in the history of Transylvania and not at any pleasant event. The governor Martinuzzi was assassinated in 1551 in the local castle by order of General Castaldo and was imprisoned and later killed, the tyrant ruler Aron Moldavian (1595-1597).

The current appearance of the mighty Martinuzzi Castle contrasts with its glorious past. Representative monument for Transylvanian Renaissance, the building was built over an ancient Dominican convent by Gyorgy Martinuzzi governor of Transylvania.

The monastery had a fatal destiny, so in 1524 there were only four monks here and a few years later there was only one inhabitant, Dominican brother Thomas. He was moved to Sebes and the monastery was taken possession of by the noble Nikolaus Kozar, who turned it into a castle. The castle was under the dominion of several lords, finally getting into the hands of George Martinuzzi, who started refurbishing works, after which the former convent has completely changed appearance.

After his death the castle was owned by Gabriel Bethleon in the beginning of the eighteenth century. The construction works stopped after noble’s death, resumed their course with the plans by Giacomo Resti, who turned the castle into a Renaissance monument elite in Romania.

Bishop Sorger Gergely is the one that builds baroque style gateway in 1733. We can see his coat of arms on the frontispiece of the gate. In 1792 the castle falls prey to the fire, and it is never completely rebuilt.

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