Bethlen Castle, Cris

The Bethlen-Cris Castle is located in its namesake village, Cris, which is in Southern Transilvania, Romania. The medieval castle has been declared an historic monument. It dates back to the 14th century, having been modified and enlarged until the 18th century. Some say it is the prettiest Renaisance castle in Transilvania.

It has a square plan, having been built as a fortified residence for the Bethlen family. It has towers at all four corners and high walls on all sides. Well, it had high walls on all sides in the past. During Romania’s comunist times, the castle fell into ruins and some of its living quarters were even used as stables, which was a standard communist practice applied to all aristocratic castles in the country.

When we visited it, in 2010, the castle was undergoing a renovation and restoration process. The caretaker told us there was talk of converting one of its wings into a pension/hotel. At any rate, we’re glad the castle is being restored and will be used again.

  • Bethlen-kastély, Keresd
  • Bethlen-kastély, Keresd
  • Bethlen-kastély, Keresd
  • Keresd - Bethlen várkastély - Bethlen címer
  • Keresd - Bethlen várkastély
  • Keresd, a Bethlen kastély
  • Keresd, a Bethlen kastély
  • Cris
  • Keresd - Bethlen várkastély
  • Keresdi Bethlen kastély
  • Castelul din Cris
  • Castel Cris