Bocskai Castle (Ruins), Aghiresu

Bocskai Castle in Aghiresu was built in 1572 by György Bocskai in the Transylvanian Renaissance style.

Build on a quadrilateral plan, this was an imposing building, with towers at the four corners and a large courtyard. The pavilions were arranged around the perimeter and access was from the north side. The annexes were located on the west side, north and east.

The first owner of the huge palace was István Csáky, followed by the inheritor István Bocskai . He becames prince of Transylvania in 1605 and in 1606 dies poisoned by its chancellor. The castle get held by other Hungarian noble families such as Haller, Mikes and Vargyas.

The castle was abandoned sometime at the beginning of the 19th century. A storm ripped off its roof and it started decaying, now being just ruins, but still entangled with mysterious atmosphere.

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