Ciucea (Goga) Castle

Ciucea is famous for the museum Octavian Goga that was built up in a beautiful castle. In the period 1915 - 1917 the Hungarian poet Ady Endre and his wife Boncza Berta lived in the castle of the Boncza family from Ciucea. After the death of her father the wife of Ady became the owner of this immovable. After the death of Ady Csinszka did not want to return to Ciucea, and in the memory of the friendship between the two big poets she offered for purchase for the Goga family. Goga family accepted the offer and started the renovation of buildings and the castle was rebuilt.

According to Goga's wish (1881-1938), after his death was buried here in the garden. The mausoleum where were buried Goga and his wife Venturia was built after 20 years from his death.

Goga Venturia in 1966 donated the whole property from Ciucea to this Romanian village with the condition to be established an Octavian Goga memorial museum in it. So in 1986-1987 at Ciucea was opened the Octavian Goga memorial museum where a rural house, a hall and a mausoleum is waiting the visitors with a reach collection of old furniture, books, paintings, ethnographic show-pieces, halls dedicated to the activity of the great poet Goga and a room of the great poet Ady in memory of the 2 year spent in Ciucea.

  • Biserica de lemn de la Gălpâia, Sălaj, astăzi în incinta Muzeului Octavian Goga de la Ciucea
  • CIUCEA - Octavian GOGA memorial - 3004
  • CIUCEA - Octavian GOGA memorial - 3005
  • CIUCEA - Octavian GOGA memorial - 3011
  • CIUCEA - Octavian GOGA memorial - 3019
  • CIUCEA - Octavian GOGA memorial - 3032
  • Csucsa (Ciucea), Erdély (Tansilvania) - A múzeum elsősorban Goga munkásságát és a román nemzeti mozgalomban végzett tevékenységét mutatja be, de emellett sok Adyra vonatkozó anyagot is. A birtok mellett ortodox kolostor működik.
  • CIUCEA - Octavian GOGA memorial - 3024
  • Boncza- (ma Goga-) kastély, Csucsa
  • Ciucea - Conacul Octavian Goga (Castelul Boncza)
  • Castelul Octavian Goga
  • Complexul Octavian Goga-Casa de pe Stanca