Castle Kmitas (Ruins), Dabrowka Starzenska

In the village Ajuga Starzenska are the ruins of the castle Kmitas (XV century). Ruins surrounded by a large park with old trees, and the well-preserved hornbeam alley. According to folk tales castle was supposed to build Queen Bona for governor Firleja. Legend has it that the castle combines with ordinating an underground tunnel. Expanded it in the shape of a rectangle with the park through the next owners of the house Stadnickis. The owner Stanislaw Stadnicki called Devil Lancut, invaded Dynowskie good Castellan Wapowski. In 1863 the castle lived leader of the January Uprising, General Marian Langiewicz and General Louis Mieroslawski. Years of its heyday the castle lived in the time of Starzenskich who in the second half of the nineteenth century added a mansion and castle turrets reworked for housing. Castle boasted a rich library and a substantial art collection. After the death of Count Julian Starzenski property until 1939 he managed his brother Casimir Starzenska. After the outbreak of World War II in court briefly lived Germany, followed by a June 1941 the Russians. Inhabited until 1945, then was burned and blown up by the UPA. The castle is partially stripped and left in ruins. Near the castle, at the end of the hornbeam alley burial chapel was built (around 1900).

  • Zamek w Dąbrówce Starzeńskiej
  • Dąbrówka Starzeńska - ruiny zamku - wschodnia baszta, widok z placu zamkowego
  • Dąbrówka Starzeńska - ruiny zamku - wschodnia baszta, widok z głównej drogi
  • Dąbrówka Starzeńska - ruiny zamku
  • Ruiny zamku w Dąbrówce Starzeńskiej
  • Dąbrówka Starzeńska, ruiny zamku