Bay castle (Ruins), Treznea

The Treznea locality centre castle was built at the middle of XIX century by Bay Ferenc landlord.

He used to live here with his family until 1944. Two weeks before the front of the IInd world war to reach in Treznea the entire family left to Curtuișeni, the native locality of his sister. It was a definitive leaving but an accusing one because the inhabitants made him responsible for the murders made in Treznea.

After the war ended the castle was headquarters for CAP and after the 90's it was deserted. Its estate got worse and worse, only the monument statute saves it from the inhabitant's anger. There is no money for renovation or conservation they wait to fall. All these happen, and Treznea could be proud with a unique building in Romania.

The castle has only two bodies, bound between them by an imitation of "footbridge sigh" from Venice.

  • castelul Bay
  • Conacul Bay