Na Tcha Temple, Macau

The Na Tcha Temple, built in 1888, is a Chinese folk religion temple in Macau, China dedicated to the worship of the deity Na Tcha.

The Na Tcha Temple was built in homage to the child god of war. It is believed that it was built to put an end to the plague ravaging the region during that time.

The small traditional Chinese temple is a simple, single chamber building measuring 8.4 meters long and 4.51 meters wide. The entrance porch opens to the temple building measuring 5 meters in depth. The building is painted gray, with few ornamentations, except for paintings on walls under the entrance porch. The temple's roof, rising five meters, is of the traditional yingshan style. True to traditional Chinese architecture, the Na Tcha has protective ceramic animal figures on its ridge.

Na Tcha Temple is located behind the Ruins of St. Paul's, remains of a principal Jesuit cathedral in the region, serving as one of the best examples of Macau's multicultural identity. In 2005, the temple became one of the designated sites of the Historic Centre of Macau enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • 澳门哪吒庙和旧城墙遗址Na Tcha Temple and Section of the Old City Walls(The Historic Centre of Macao)
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