Town Hall (Rathaus), Lemgo

Lemgo city hall is listed as a piece of European Union artwork on the UNESCO list 1 for good reason. Its facades have maintained their appearance over the course of many hundreds of years (from 1325).

The eastern nave of the building was erected in 1325, from 1480-1490 the western gable was constructed. In 1565 the city counsel alcove located on Mittelstraße was built. Furthermore, in 1589, the Kornherrenstube was constructed at the same time as the new city hall meeting area was constructed on the southern side of the market place at the height of the Wesserrenaissance. The pharmacy was built in 1612.

Particularly noteworthy are the lovely stone relief’s near the pharmacy that account for the interesting overall view of the building. The City hall is the current seat of the Lemgo city council.

During the restoration of the market square, the Ballhaus was also included as well as the Zeughaus which is located to the east of the Ballhaus. Even the city hall cellar has been restored from the top to bottom. The last step in the renovation process was the removal of the old Sparkasse bank from that once stood next to the Ballhaus in order to enhance the architectural view of the south side of the market place.

  • Marktplatz
  • Rathaus der alte Hansestadt Lemgo