Masters' Houses by Walter Gropius, Dessau

Even before the The Masters' Houses and the Bauhaus building itself were included on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of their unique cultural heritage there had been a world wide interest in the buildings designed by Walter Gropius.

Now the restoration and rebuilding of the historical buildings has been completed it is possible once again to get a complete impression of the ensemble, despite the fact that two of the original seven buildings are no longer there.

On our homepage we would like to acquaint you with the moving history of the buildings and their first occupants - the famous Bauhaus Masters. In addition you will find an overview of what the buildings are used for today and of the exhibitions.

  • Dessau - Muche Meisterhaus/Walter Gropius
  • Dessau - Bauhaus - Meisterhäuser 2
  • Bauhaus Meisterhaus (Moholy-Nagy/Feininger)
  • Dessau - Muche-Schlemmer Meisterhaus/Walter Gropius
  • Meisterhaus Kandinsky/ Klee - Straßenseite
  • Meisterhäuser - Nr. 3, Haus Feininger (Terrasse)
  • Meisterhäuser - Nr. 3, Haus Feininger (Nordansicht)
  • Meisterhäuser - Nr. 4, Haus Muche (Nordwestansicht)
  • Meisterhäuser - Nr. 3, Haus Feininger (Südwestansicht)
  • Masters'houses - KLEE - 2011
  • Dessau
  • Meisterhaus | Dessau
  • Meisterhäuser