Old Farsa, Kefalonia Island

Old Farsa is part of the municipal unit of Argostoli. It is situated on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Argostoli. Old Farsa is 2 km northwest of Davgata, Records exist in the Venetian archives for this village since the early Venetian period (16th century). During World War II many Italian soldiers were posted there and it was one of the places that the Massacre of the Acqui Division took place. The 1953 Ionian Earthquake damaged many buildings in the old village of Farsa but did not totally destroy it. The remains of the old village are visible today.

The "old village" of Farsa with its' pre-seismic ruins, and breathtaking views is in itself like an open air history museum, being one of the best preserved old villages on the island with a long sea-faring tradition and tales of piracy. It is said that it was here that Louis de Bernieres was inspired to write his famous novel, "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". The 1953 Earthquake badly damaged every building in the village. All the villagers were sadly left homeless. As in most villages on the island some of the inhabitants moved overseas and others who had also abandoned their mountainside village started a new settlement further down the slope and closer to the main road. The earthquake marked a major turning point in their lives.

Within the ruins of the old settlement you may find scattered items such as teaspoons, broken dolls and smashed porcelain all pointing to a quick abandonment.

The villages' main income came from sailors working on merchant ships. At sea for months at a time it left the women to do all the work until the men returned. The growing of olives, vegetables, grain fruits and grapes were also used for income. Some people kept chickens others produced honey. The people of Old Farsa were quite self efficient making wine and olive oil.

  • Old church bells
  • Farsa - Old Village - 2008-06-26
  • Farsa before 1953 earthquake