Lighthouse Agion Theodoron (Lighthouse of Saint Theodore), Kefalonia Island

One of the main attractions and trademarks of Argostoli is the lighthouse of Saint Theodore which is located on a man-made peninsula close to the Argostoli village. It is the most romantic spot in Kefalonia and it is highly recommended for taking photographs.

It is a unique circular structure, based on 20 white Doric architectural style columns and its tower is 8 m tall. It was built when Charles Napier was governor of Kefalonia, in 1928. Destroyed by the earthquake, it was rebuilt in 1964 according to its original architectural design, by Takis Pavlatos, a local architect.

It offers not only a guiding light for the incoming and outgoing ships, but also a classical, romantic spot for locals and visitors.

  • Φάρος Αργοστολίου (Φανάρι Αγίων Θεοδώρων) Κεφαλονιά - Argostoli lighthouse (Fanari Agion Theodoron) Kefalonia
  • Маяк острова Кефалония
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  • Ο φάρος των Αγίων Θεοδώρων -ΚΕΦΑΛΛΟΝΙΑ
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