Convent of Santa Catalina

This convent was founded in 1611 for the Dominican Order. The influence of the Mudejar style is clear to see in the carved wood bay windows and Arabic tiled roof. The church can be accessed from Plaza del Adelantado, where the facade is topped with a bell gable. It has just one nave, a rood loft and a rood screen. Inside is a wealth of artistic heritage, including three Baroque carved wood altarpieces, several oil paintings and a number of religious figures. The main altar is presided over the Virgen del Rosario, together with an image of Santo Domingo de Guzman and Santa Catalina dressed in the convent's habit. Inside the church is the Sepulchral Crypt of Sister Maria de Jesus, better known as the Servant of God, whose perfectly preserved body can be seen through the glass sarcophagus that is exposed every year on the anniversary of her death.

  • Celosía del Convento de Las Catalinas, La Laguna