Expansion of the mosque by Mansur, Mosque – Cathedral of Cordoba

Given the continuing population growth from Cordoba, this hajib decides to conduct the third and last intervention in the mosque, during the tenth century. Its expansion, the longest of all, affects the oratory and the patio. But this expansion will not be to the south as the previous ones, since the proximity of the Guadalquivir prevents it. The expansion will be toward the east, for what Mansur should expropriate the hamlet who occupied the area. Eight new ships are built off-center left of the mihrab and qibla wall extended and is not double, but simple. In the arches is only alternating segments of color, and that because all materials are limestone, while the red ocher painted.

  • Córdoba --- Mezquita --- UNESCO World Heritage --- dedication to Arévalo
  • Mezquita. Córdoba.
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    Mosque – Cathedral of Cordoba

    The Mosque–Cathedral of Cordoba, also known as the Great Mosque of Cordoba, whose ecclesiastical name is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, is the Catholic cathedral of the Diocese of Cordoba dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and located in the Spanish region of Andalusia.