Park Sergievka

Sergievka - palace and park along the Peterhof Road, in Old Peterhof, west of the Sobstvennaya Dacha. In the 18th century, two estates were situated on this territory. One of them, from 1721, belonged to Count A.I. Rumyantsev, and later to his son, Field Marshal P.A. Rumyantsev. The neighbouring dacha was the property of E.K. Putyatina. It was named Sergievka in 1790, after owner Count S.P. Rumyantsev. In 1800, by decree of the Emperor Pavel I, both dachas were bought by the treasury. In 1839, Sergievka was presented to Duke Maximilian Leuchtenbergsky, a complete reconstruction of the estate was executed under a project designed by architect A.I. Stakensсhneider; in 1839-1843, a palace was erected with a complicated but compact and organized floor plan, which was decorated in the spirit of Pompeii architecture (becoming an example for suburban palaces throughout the mid-19th century). Gala rooms were decorated with mouldings and paintings. Furniture was executed according to sketches by Stakenschneider at the Gambs Brothers Workshop. In the 1840s, the Gothic chapel was built, as were wings for servants. The park at Sergievka was laid out at the beginning of the 18th century, at the beginning of the 19th century, regular planning was replaced with landscape planning. Memorial oak trees, Siberian firs and various uncommon trees have survived (after October 1917, the park at Sergievka was given to the Petrograd University Natural Scientific Institute). During the time of the Great Patriotic War (1941-45), the park and palace were demolished. Since 1965, restoration work has been carried out.

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