Babolovsky Park

Babolovsky Park, a monument of landscape architecture situated in the southwestern part of Pushkin town is a part of Tsarskoe Selo palace park ensemble. Its area consists of 268,8 hectares. It was developed in the late 18th century near Babolovo village, close to which a small stone palace of Prince G.A. Golitsyn, which was built in the Pseudo-Gothic style (1783-1786, architect I.V. Neelov). Babolovskaya Glade is directly connected with Podkapriznaya Road leading to the Catherine Palace. Babolovsky Palace was reconstructed by architect V.P. Stasov in 1824-25, at the same time a granite bath, cut by a masonry team of S. Sukhanov, was organised in a special apartment. Taitsky Aqueduct, which encircled the southern outskirts of the park (the 1770-80s, engineer I. Gerard). A cavern with a statue of a hermit monk was installed on the aqueduct (not preserved). Babolovsky Park was enlarged in the 1820-60s. Cast iron Staro-Krasnoselskie Gates enclose Babolovsky Park (1823-26, architect A.A. Menelas).

  • Баболовский парк
  • Бабловский парк (Babolovsky park)
  • Баболовский парк
  • Баболовский парк
  • Pushkin. Babolovsky Park
  • Баболовский парк
  • Имперский чугун
  • Pushkin. Babolovsky Park
  • В Баболовском парке
  • старинные аллеи Баболовского парка