St. Alexander Nevsky church

St. Alexander Nevsky church in Ust-Izhora, the church dedicated to St. Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky, located at Ust-Izhora. A memorial church erected on the left bank of the Izhora River at the confluence of the Izhora and the Neva in honour of the victory of the army of Prince Alexander Nevsky over the Swedes in the Neva Battle of 1240. The first wooden church was built on this location in 1711-12, in 1726, it was burnt down, in 1730, it was reconstructed, and in 1797 it was burnt down again. The existing stone church was erected in 1798-99 in the Classicist style. The construction was paid for by residents of Ust-Izhora. It was surrounded by a stone fence with cast-iron grating. In 1800-61, the church was registered at Alexander's Manufactory. In 1835-36, a refectory and a new bell tower were built (by architect Gromov), in 1871-75, two side altars were added and the dome was enlarged (by architect M. A. Shchurupov). In 1934, the church was closed. The building was used as a club and as a store. At the beginning of the siege, Soviet sappers blew up the bell tower, which was a reference point for enemy artillery. In 1990, the church was returned to the faithful and restored (consecrated in 1995). The church also houses a Sunday school for children and grown-ups and a library of orthodox literature. Near the church in May 2003 the monument to Alexander Nevsky was opened (sculptor V. E. Gorevoy).

  • Церковь Александра Невского в Усть-Ижоре
  • Monument to Alexander Neva
  • Памятник Святому Благоверному Александру Невскому
  • Храм Александра Невского
  • Александру Невскому
  • Церковь Александра Невского. (The church of Alexander Nevsky. At this point 15 Jul, 1240, Alexander Nevsky defeated the Swedish army.)
  • Ust-Ijora. St.Alexander Nevskiy church
  • Храм Александра Невского