Anchor Square

The Anchor Square is the central square of the town. This name was borrowed from 18th century when territory around the Kronstadt Admiralty was used for keeping old anchors and another ship equipment. The square was not a embellishment of Kronstadt. But the situation completely changed in the late 19th century when construction of the memorial Naval cathedral started . There was made a decision that old Anchor square would be the best variant for the cathedral's location.

On the central part of the Anchor Square the Naval cathedral is located. It was built between 1903 and 1913 by V. Kosyakov. The Naval cathedral became the symbol of Kronstadt. Today, this church still marks a significant site by evoking memories of this architectural style. The giant Anchor Square lying directly in front of the cathedral contains a monument to the military hero, Stepan Makarov (1849-1904).

Stepan Makarov was commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet during the Russian-Japanese war. He tragically fell in battle in 1904 .

The southern border of the Anchor Square is the artificial drainage canal and a special pool for water from the dockyard. It used for drying of the dry dock of Peter I.

Great number of historical events happened here. During the Russian revolutions in 1905-1907 and 1917 crowds of people gathered to protest against the political regime.

Unique cast-iron pavement is situated on the Anchor Square. Idea was borrowed in the USA in 1850-s. It was very expensive to use the cast-iron blocs for paving, but in fact it became economically profitable because more than 150 years pavement need no renovation! During the war, many cast-iron pavements were melted into the shells, but one area at the Anchor square and one of the bridges of Kronstadt were saved.

However, the real anchors can be found at the Anchor square. Two anchors, section of armor and twin artillery mount from the battleship "Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya" ("Gangut") are located here.

  • Kronshtadt. Monument to admiral S. Makarov
  • Памятник С.О.Макарову. / Makarov Monument.
  • Eternal flame devoted to sailors
  • Кронштадт, Морской Собор.
  • Кронштадт
  • Kronshtadt. Obvodny channel. Обводный канал
  • КРОНШТАДТ. Памятники разных эпох. / Kronstadt. The monuments of different eras.
  • Cast iron pavement — Чугунная мостовая
  • Вид на Морской собор и Якорную площадь.14.11.12