Sacred Mountain of Varese

The Sacred Mountain of Varese is one of the nine sacri monti in the Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont which were inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2003.

The Sacred Mountain of Varese Unesco, is far few kilometers from the city. It consists of the Holy Road and the Sanctuary. The Holy Road with its 14 chapels, rise the mountain up to the little village of Santa Maria del Monte and it ends with the Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin. The rise is 2 kilometers along on a pebbly path, and every chapel represents one of the Mystery of Jesus’s life. You can find at the mountaintop the Sanctuary, the Cloister of Monache Romite Ambrosiane, The Museo Baroffio e del Santuario, the Casa Museo Lodovico Pogliaghi, the permanent natity scene, and different restaurants, bar, pizzeria, hotels and b&b. Don't miss the Emporio, a Multifunctional shop where visitors can find touristic informations.

  • Sacro Monte di Varese - Una delle cappelle
  • Sacro Monte di Varese - scorcio di una cappella
  • Sacro Monte di Varese
  • Sacro Monte di Varese - Terza Cappella, dedicata alla nascita di Gesù
  • Sacro Monte Varese
  • Cappelle Sacro Monte Varese