Long Point, Ontario

Long Point is a sand spit and medium-sized hamlet on the north shore of Lake Erie, part of Norfolk County in the province of Ontario, Canada.

It is about 40 kilometres long and is about a kilometre across at its widest point. Lake Erie lies to the south of Long Point, and Long Point Bay lies on the north side comprise. The bay is subdivided into the Inner Bay and Outer Bay by a line that runs between Turkey Point to the north and Pottohawk Point to the south. Some of the towns along the bay's north shore include Port Rowan, Turkey Point and Port Dover. Long Point is north of and across the lake from Erie, Pennsylvania.

  • Marshes in Long Point Bird Sanctuary Lake Erie
  • Shifting the horizon on clouds and reflections (by Marilyn Whiteley)
  • Long Point Beach west early morning
  • Long Point Beach
  • Long Point Ontario looking East
  • Long Point Marsh
  • sunrise in long point
  • Lake Erie - View north east from Long Point
  • Leopard frog
  • Long Point July 2010