Bulgari Village

The village of Bulgari is situated in Bourgas province, 41 km north-east from Malko Turnovo, and 17 km south from Tsarevo. The old name of the settlement is Urgari. Bulgari is one of the oldest Strandjan villages and is known for the nestinari dances - a ritual dance onto a fire. Only here one can observe the authentic and mystical fire dancing rite – a pagan ritual passed from generation to generation since hoary antiquity. The ritual is performed every year, on the day of St. St. Constantine and Elena – 3 June (old style).

In this part of Bulgaria one can find the Strandzha periwinkle - evergreen endemic bush included in the Bulgarian Red Book of Floral Species under Protection.

  • Church St. st. Konstantin and Elena in Bulgari village - 1911 year / Храм Св. св. Константин и Елена в село Българи / © by * Rosi *
  • село Българи,Village of Bulgari
  • село Българи,Village of Bulgari
  • selo Bulgari
  • Village Balgari - село Българи
  • Village of Bulgari - old church