Weesp (Fortified City of Weesp)

Weesp is a town and a municipality in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. It had a population of 18,255 in 2014.

Weesp lies next to the rivers de Vecht and Smal Weesp and also next to the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. It is in an area called the "Vechtstreek". It is only 3 km from the end of the Amsterdam metro, but the wide Amsterdam-Rhine Canal keeps it geographically separate. The town is surrounded by open grassland.

Weesp is a popular stop for tourists. It has a protected historical center with canals and many buildings dating from the seveneenth and eighteenth century. Weesp has three full-size historical windmills. It features a bastion and fortifications that are part of the Defense line of Amsterdam and the Dutch Water Line. These structures have never been attacked, though. The scenic river Vecht and the small roads that line it attract yachters and cyclists. The Naardermeer area, the first nature reserve in the Netherlands, is at 15 minutes cycling distance from Weesp.

  • De Middenstraat in het mooie Weesp.
  • CK Groeneweg, Weesp.
  • CK Nieuwstad en Oudegracht, Weesp.
  • CK Achteromstraat, Weesp.
  • CK Nieuwstraat thv Kapelsteeg, Weesp.
  • CK Kerkstraat, Weesp.
  • CK Kerklaan, Weesp.
  • Middenstraat
  • CK Monument 1940-1945, Weesp.
  • CK Oudegracht, Weesp.
  • CK Steiger aan de Vecht, Weesp.
  • CK Oudegracht, Weesp.
  • CK Entree Schoolsteeg, Weesp.
  • CK Pand aan de Vecht, Weesp.
  • CK Middenstraat, Weesp.
  • CK Kerkstraat, Weesp.
  • CK Sam van Gentsteeg en Kippenbrug, Weesp.
  • CK Vecht, Weesp.
  • wooden houses
  • Weesp - Herengracht - View South
  • Boerderijtje in Weesp
  • Weesp - old part of town
  • Vechtbrug Weesp