Gorica district, Berat

On the left bank of the Osumi river below Mount Shpirag is the traditionally Christian quarter of Gorica. The name is derived from the Old Slavic word for "little mountain" and refers to Mount Sphirag in comparison with the much higher Mount Tomorr (2,400 metres) that towers over Berat. A legend tells that Tomorr and Shpirag were once giants who fought over a young woman. They killed each other and the girl drowned in her tears, which became the Osumi river. Gorica is a picturesque neighbourhood with several Orthodox churches. Just across the footbridge that links it with the centre of Berat, is the small church of St. Thomas (Sh├źn Tomi), with many old icons. Saint Spyridon Church and Monastery are also worth a visit, with their richly carved pulpit and beautiful icons. The neighbourhood is a maze of narrow alleys and Ottoman style houses. A seven-arched stone bridge, dating from 1780, connects it with the other bank further downstream.