Somosko Castle

In the Northen direction from the town of Salgotarjan the casle of Somosko stands on one of the vulcanic top of the hill of "Medves", fighting against the weight of the centuries. Though the castle is separated from the village by the fence between country's border, but now it is easy to reach this historical monument as both neighbouring countries are members of the EU.

In XIII. century the members of Kacsics nation, who owned the region ordered to build the first parts of the castle. In 1320 the army of King Karoly Anjou took it back, then his new owner, Tamas Szecsenyi, monarch of Transylvania and his descendants lived in the castle.

In 1576 the Ottoman army occupied the castle and their horse-tail flag was waiving until the autumn of 1593. Its final desctruction was caused by the Mongol horseriders, who set the castle on fire. In the 1970's its reconstruction began, but at present unfortunately is interrupted.

On the side of the hill the famous basalt flow and the "stone sea", originated from the vulcanic tufa carry geological interest.

Somosko is mentioned in a folk legacy, according to what a Hungarian vaillant so successfully shot the spoon out from the hand of the Turkish Aga, from the neighbouring Salgo, that the Ottoman run away head over hills from this region.

  • Somoskői vár
  • Hrad Šomoška / Castle Šomoška
  • Somoskő Petőfi kunyhóval - "Castrum Somoskew"
  • Somoskő vára
  • Somoskő
  • Somoskői vár-3
  • Csonkatorony - Somoskő
  • tűzhányóra épült vár - a castle built onto a volcano
  • Somoskői Vár a szlovák oldalon
  • Várbejárat, Somoskő - Castle entrance, Somoskő
  • Somoskő vára III.
  • Somoskő
  • Somoskő vára
  • A torony ablakai, Somoskő - The windows of the tower, Somoskő
  • Panorama a várból, Somoskő
  • Somoskő
  • Somoskő
  • Somoskő
  • Somoskő - Šomoška 3D
  • Somoskő
  • Somoskői vár
  • Somoskő
  • kilátás a Somoskői várból
  • Šomoška, hrad (ruina)
  • Somoskő, vár
  • Fecskék a várnál (Somoskő)
  • A somoskői vár és az Aradi vértanúk emlékparkja