Monok Castle

Monok is one of the oldest residental settlement situated between the area of the River Tisza and Hernad. From its historic buildings the fortified castle rises above the others which is now under construction. This castle was risen by the Monaky noble family, named after their lands in the middle of the 16th century.

The building was built in the so fashionable highlands renaissance style of this era, this meant that the sunshine got into the spacious, well heated rooms through the ornamented carved windows.

The landowner's residence was protected by heavy stonewall from the regular hostile robbery. From the loop-hole the slaves equipped with guns tried to force back the attacks.

The Monaky family owned it until 1634 when it was inherited on female line. According to the statistics of 1703 it might have been worth 2000 Hungarian forints.

According to the documents remained to the present days the plunder Turkish riders overran it on two occasions, robbed it and the captured Sir Mihaly Monaky was dragged in captivity.

  • Monoky várkastély
  • Monok, a Monaky-kastély
  • Monok,Monoky várkastély