Masaryk's Museum and Chateau, Hodonin


The chateau acquired its present day look after the fire in 1746, when the high baroque style was rebuilt into a one-storey building and has remained as such until the present. From 1762 till April 1919 it was the property of the imperial family, together with the entire Hodonin estate. In 1948, the Hodonin museum moved into four rooms on the ground floor.


Masaryk Museum in HodonĂ­n is a semi-budgetary organization of South Moravian Region. It also administers the sites of Vlastivedne Museum in Kyjov, Municipal Museum in Veseli nad Moravou and Slavic Fortified Settlement in Mikulcice.The museum focuses on history, etnography and archeology in the whole region including Hodonin, Kyjov and Veseli nad Moravou. All sites provide both professional, academic information and specialized activities for schools and public.

The headquarters of the museum is in a chateau holding exhibition T.G.Masaryk and His Native Land. The museum also offers seasonal exhibitions in halls at 21, Narodni Trida in Hodonin where you can also find Europa Hall and the Department of Archeology.

The museum holds the only Moravian exhibition of its kind devoted to Hodonin's most significant native, the first Czechoslovak president, T.G.Masaryk. The permanent exhibition presents the personal history of the president depicted by audiovisual programmes and movie clips. The part of the exhibition documents the history of Hodonin. The museum activities also include various events in Europa Hall.

  • Zámek Hodonín

Czech Republic