Lupca Castle

The Lupca castle towers above the village Slovenska Lupca. It's the highest located castle building in the Hron area (Pohronie). The castle is built on the north side of a relatively narrow fold of the Hron which is closed by the slopes of the Slovak Ore Mountains from the south and by the slopes of the Low Tatras from the north. The oldest part of the castle is built on the isolated rock on the last hill of the Low Tatras jag with an altitude of 375m above sea level.

The Lupca castle was built before 1250, during the reign of King Bela IV. Originally the castle served as a hunting seat for a royal family. The castle has two parts, the inferior and advanced courtyard. The inferior courtyard is of first part of the 13th century and was various times restored.

In the years between 1875 and 1883, during the reconstruction of the castle, it was added so-called the House of Gisel, whose name derives from the greater daughter of the Queen Sissy, than made it to construct because it came used as an orphanage. In the inferior courtyard is situated the well it's 45 m deep, the rests of a protection bridge and the room of the torture. To the inside of halls of the towers in the advanced courtyard are situated some permanent exposures.

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