Cimburk Castle (Ruins)

Ruins of a castle founded at the turn of the 13th century. The castle was built as the residence of the Lords of Cimburk. Over the centuries the castle changed owners numerous times. In 1645 the Swedes conquered Moravia and following their departure the castle began to fall into disrepair. By 1776 the castle was already entirely abandoned; ten years later the castle burned after being hit by lightening. Preserved today are remnants of the peripheral walls of the castle itself, the fortification walls, tower, and the fore-castle gates. The castle took its name from the crenelation on the coat of arms of the Lords of Lipnice. During archaeological research at the site a true treasure of 2,500 silver coins from the 13th century was found. These are now deposited at the National Museum.

  • zřícenina hradu Cimburk - bašta
  • Torso stěny paláce na Cimburku
  • zřícenina hradu Cimburk - strážní věž
  • zřícenina hradu Cimburk - palác
  • Nádvoří Cimburka
  • Cimburk
  • Hradby Cimburka
  • Cimburk

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