Liptovsky Hradok Castle and Mansion

Ruins of a Gothic castle with attached Renaissance chateau stands on a small hill in the middle of the plane, from where it originally was divided moat. Located north of the city. Originally, there was lowland castle with a moat, which is preserved in the form of lakes. Castle was built in 1312 around the watchtower at Povazska way. He belonged to the royal property, in 1433 the Hussites, but was later occupied Jiskrovci. Bastion on the castle above the outpost guard itself Castle. In 1709 there was a battle and the castle was badly damaged. The castle burned down in 1803 and restored only mansion. The upper castle in 1930, partly to ensure against disintegration. The castle is the seat of a branch Liptov Museum and the Ethnographic Museum Liptov.

History of the castle

During its history was battered and Hussites occupied Jiskrovci. In the 16th century castle belonged to the property Magdalene Zaiovej. She gave the castle to build a Renaissance mansion, with two wings. At the time of uprisings played Castle Liptovsky Hradok strategic importance to the imperial army in the fight against insurgents Francis Rakoczi II. In the 18th century imperial soldiers withstood the onslaught, but the surrounding villages - Vavrisovo, Liptovsky Peter and the Holy Spirit were devastated. The castle suffered extensive damage. And in 1803 the castle engulfed in fire, and was destroyed almost to the ground. After the fire was resumed only its lower part - that mansion. The remainder of the castle is from that time in ruins. Lived here and the district court and prison. In the 20th some of the Century conserved. From 1960 to 1990, the castle became the space used by the Ethnographic Museum.

Current Status

Since 2001, the castle Liptovsky Hradok owned Machova Dagmar, who bought the castle and the castle. In areas manor set up a luxury hotel. Currently, the owner also focused on renovating ruins. Castle can see the outside, the weekend is possible, in agreement with the owner, to see the other facilities and upgraded interiors. The gateway is running a restaurant and later will be available to the court.

  • Liptóújvár - Liptovský Hrádok
  • Hrad a kaštiel Liptovský Hrádok
  • Hrad a kaštieľ Liptovský Hrádok
  • Liptovsky Hrad
  • Liptóújvár vár
  • Liptovský Hrádok - Kaštieľ a ruiny hradu
  • kaštieľ a hrad v Liptovskom Hrádku
  • Liptovský Hrádok - jazierko s kaplnkou
  • rozhľady z Vápencoveho útesu
  • Kaštieľ v Liptovskom Hrádku
  • Liptovský Hrádok
  • Hrad Lipt.Hrádok
  • HRAD
  • Liptowski Hrad