Kamenica Castle (Ruins)

Kamenica first developed out of the castle of the same name that was built on a nearby hillock in the early 13th century in order to protect a major Polish trading route that had its terminus in Kosice to the south. In 1436, the castle garrison rebelled and was quickly brought back under control, but not long after the Hussites had control of both castle and village. The castle was refurbished in the Renaissance style in the beginning of the 16th century. In 1556 imperial troops besieged under command of Simon Forgacs, captured and seven days later, on the order of Emperor Ferdinand I, turned the castle into the ruin that can be seen today. After the sack of the castle the surrounding villages including Kamenica dwindled in size. Later, stones from the castle were used to build a brewery in Lucka in 1816.

  • Zimná idylka
  • Výhľad zo zrúcanín Kamenického hradu na severozápad
  • Výhľad z Kamenického hradu,v pozadí pohorie Čergov
  • Ruins of Kamenica castle
  • Hrad Kamenica
  • Výhľad zo zrúcanín Kamenického hradu na východ
  • Výhľad z brala so zvyškami Kamenického hradu na okolitú krajinu
  • Na hrade Kamenica
  • zachovalá čásť zrúcaniny hradu Kamenica