Vsetin Chateau

The dominating castle is the oldest historical building of Vsetin. This renaissance castle with a courtyard and the fringe arcades was built at the beginning of the 17th century (the first historical record is from 1610). I t was built by the manor’s owner of that time, Lukrecia Neksova from Landek and her second husband Albrecht von Wallenstein. The Castle stands on the foundations of the medieval fortress from the 15th century and is situated on the hill on the right side of the river Becva. The castle burnt down in 1708. The following owner – the Hungarian nobility from the family Illeshazy – rebuilt the whole building many times during the 18th century. The classic form of the castle that we can see today is dated from 1833-34 by the last aristocratic owner Josef von Wechtler. In this time was created a castle park with valuable wood. In 1915 fire destroyed the whole roof and the tower. The owner of the castle at that time - the Thonetos – then renovated it back into its original form in 1924. In 1938 the last private owner Marie Batova with her son Tomas purchased the castle. In February 1949 the castle fell under national administration. During the fifties the interior of the castle was greatly damaged as a consequence of the thoughtless placing of different institutions there. This is why very expensive renovations in the building had to be done in 1963-74. The castle was open for the public on 9 May. 1975 and nowadays it is an important cultural center in the town Vsetin and its region.

The Museum Vsetin was founded on 14 February1924 as "Vsacke okresni museum na Vsetine". Its origins are linked to the public activists, headed by Doctor Frantisek Sova. The basic of collections for the new museum were the historical and ethnographic collections of Mr. Frantisek Sova and Mrs. Bibiana Sovova. These collections were opened to the public in 1925. The museum’s exhibitions were placed in the different buildings. In 1964, Vsetin Castle became seat of the museum.

  • Vsetínský zámek
  • Vsetín - Horní náměstí - View East towards Zámek / Castle 1834
  • Vsetín - Příkrá - View West on Zámek Vsetín
  • Vsetín
  • Vsetín - Horní náměstí - View ESE along Zámek / Castle 1834
  • Vsetín - Horní náměstí - View WSW on Zámek Vsetín
  • Vsetín - Horní náměstí - View ESE on Zámek / Castle 1834
  • Vsetín - Panská zahrada - View NNE
  • Vsetínský zámek

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