Sostyn Castle (Ruins)

Once a base of the domain of Olomouc´s bishops, the castle dates back to the second half of the 13th century. It was probably destroyed in the Hussite campaigns and up to this day the castle-moat, two ramparts, ruins of fortifications, the palace and tower have been preserved. Numerous archeological findings are exhibited in the Museum of Fojstvi in Koprivnice. Zizka´s linden tree, which is approximately 200 - 250 years old, can be found on the highest spot of the ruin of Sostyn Castle. Not far from here there is a steep detached calcareous mass called “Raska´s Stone“ with an observation deck.

  • Šostýn od PresiCZ
  • hrad Šostýn II
  • Sostyn
  • Šostýn
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  • ruins of Šostýn
  • ruins of Šostýn
  • ruins of Šostýn
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  • ruins of Šostýn
  • ruins of Šostýn

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