Old (Medieval) City of Rhodes

The Order of St John of Jerusalem occupied Rhodes from 1309 to 1523 and set about transforming the city into a stronghold. It subsequently came under Turkish and Italian rule. With the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Great Hospital and the Street of the Knights, the Upper Town is one of the most beautiful urban ensembles of the Gothic period. In the Lower Town, Gothic architecture coexists with mosques, public baths and other buildings dating from the Ottoman period.

  • Different seasons bouncing off the cobbled streets of Old Town Rhodes
  • Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
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  • Rodi: Odos Fanourios
  • GRÈCIA. ILLA DE RODES. RHODOS. Porta de la muralla d'entrada a la ciutat vella des del port.
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  • Entrance of the Old Town of Rhodes, Marine Gate
  • Rodi: Interno dell'Ospedale dei Cavalieri di San Giovanni, ora Museo Archeologico.
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  • Old medieval lion at the front door of the Archaeological Museum, Rhodes, Greece.