The Candle of Gratitude

This monument built in the rocks, above the river Nistru, on the borders of Soroca is one of the most important creations in the Moldavian modern history. Poored at the basis, stone by stone, here lie the sufferings, the hopes and the hard work of many generations. This extraordinay work of art is dedicated to all Moldavian cultural monuments that were destroyed. "The Candle of Gratitude" raises from the depth of our past and represents a homage to all the anonymous heroes that have kept safe the culture, the language and the history of Moldova out of a wide colorful human civilization, this way making eternal the memory of the great anonymous poet, author of "Miorita" ("The Lamb").

The idea to build this monument belongs to the famous classical writer of the Moldavian literature, Ion Druta. But the project was realized and inaugurated only on March 27, 2004. Thanks to those who have contributed with work, with faith and with finances at building this monument named "The Candle of Gratitude" by the writer, one can walk up on 600 steps that go from the waters of Nistru to the top of a hill in Soroca. On this top there appears a candle-shaped chapel 29,5 meters long, which during the night time has a light which goes as far as Otaci and Camenca. One can admire a magnificent vew from the top of this hill.

This national monument, a symbol of the Moldavian people, which catches the eye of people passing by, can surely complete the visiting card of Moldova.

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