Petrified Forest

The area outside Maadi, which lies about 30 kms away from Cairo, in the year 1989, was declared to be a protectorate. The same is referred as The Petrified Forest and is about 35 million years old at least. The reserve is an ideal example of the physical history of the planet. The six km area is covered with the remains of trees from the early era which were brought here due to the floods on the red Sea hills. The period during which such floods occurred was referred as the Oligocene when the temperature of earth saw a large amount of drop. The uniqueness about this period is that the drop in temperature led to the creation of an atmosphere which supported the coming of many new species like elephants and horses.

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  • الغابة المتحجرة mrashed
  • الغابة المتحجرة mrashed
  • Stony Forest -Kattamia-Cairo-Egypt.. الغابة المتحجرة..القطامية..القاهرة
  • Stony Forest Kattamia ..Cairo.Egypt (Trunk of Tree has 25 ; 30 Milion years .جذع شجره عمره من 25 :30 ميليون سنة..الغابة المتحجرة ..القطامية القاهرة
  • Stony Forest _Kattamia_Cairo_Egypt الغابة المتحجرة -القطامية-القاهرة
  • Stony forest -Kattamia -Cairo-Egypt ...الغابة المتحجرة -القطامية-القاهرة
  • Stony Forest -Kattamia- Cairo -Egypt...الغابة المتحجرة .القطامية..القاهرة
  • Stony Forest ..Kattamia-Cairo-egypt الغابة المتحجرة..القطامية..القاهرة
  • Stony Forest-Kattamia-Cairo -Egypt الغابة المتحجرة ..القطامية.القاهرة
  • Stony Forest-Kattamia -Cairo -Egypt...الغابة المتحجرة-القطامية --القاهرة01
  • Stony Forest -Kattamia-Cairo-Egypt...الغابة المتحجرة-القطامية -القاهرة 03