Galleon Room, Sintra National Palace

Galleon Room, isolated later construction, reflecting the transition between 16th and 17th century, with vaulted ceiling and decorated with seascapes, galleons and other ships. Galleon Room, Sintra National Palace.


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    Arab Room, Sintra National Palace

    Arab Room was the bedchamber of Joao I at the beginning of the 15th century. Moorish fountain and tile revetment date from the beginning of the 16th century. Arab Room, Sintra National Palace.

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    Bedchamber-prison of Afonso VI, Sintra National Palace

    Chamber in medieval Palace of King Dinis, dating from beginning of 14th century. In 17th century it served, for nine years, as bedchamber-prison of Alfonso VI, who died here in 1683. Bedchamber-prison of Afonso VI, Sintra National Palace.

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    Chinese Room, Sintra National Palace

    Part of the old palace of King Dinis, this room was used as bedchamber of Joao I, before the monarch carried out extensive construction work at the beginning of the 15th century.

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    Coats-of-Arms Room, Sintra National Palace

    The particularly impressive Sala dos Brasoes (the Coats-of-Arms Room) is situated on the site of the old Casa da Meca, built during the reign of Manuel I (1495-1521).

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    Hall of Magpies, Sintra National Palace

    The Hall of Magpies, the first private anteroom so called from the 15 century because of the ceiling paintings representing magpies holding in their beaks a rose with the words "por bem" (for good), motto of Joao I. Hall of Magpies, Sintra National Palace.

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    Manueline Hall, Sintra National Palace

    The Manueline Hall (Sala Manuelina) is the main hall of Royal Residence built by Manuel I at the beginning of 16th century. Manueline Hall, Sintra National Palace.

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    Palatine Chapel, Sintra National Palace

    Palatine Chapel founded by Dom Dinis and redecorated by Manuel I, presents a magnificent Mudejar ceiling interlacing rare Moorish ceramic flooring and frescoes patterned of pigeons from the 15th century. Palatine Chapel, Sintra National Palace.

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    Sintra National Palace

    The Sintra National Palace, also called Town Palace is located in the town of Sintra, in the Lisbon District of Portugal. It is a present-day historic house museum.

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    Swan Hall, Sintra National Palace

    Swan Hall (Sala dos Cisnes) is the original Grand Hall of royal residence of Joao I, built at the begining of the 15th century. During the reign of Manuel I it was designated "Hall of the Princes".