Fortress of Aluston (Ruins)

The Fortress of Aluston was constructed in VI century by Byzantines. It was expanding and step by step it developed into a small fortified town. The Fortress defended the coast against nomads, controlled the harbour and secured navigation of merchant vessels. In 1380-1390 the Genovese who owned Alushta constructed the new outer circle of fortified walls having three towers. The fortification had two lines - a citadel and the outer defensive wall, which was of irregular shaped quadrangular ground plan. The round tower Ashaga-Kule (Lower Tower), which remains and has been restored, closes the line from the south.

From the north the fortifications were covered by a hexahedral tower Chatal-Kule (Horned Tower), which got its name probably because it had a cogged parapet. In the centre of the north-eastern defensive line there was a rectangular tower Orta-Kule (Middle Tower). One can see its remains.

  • останки крепости Алустон
  • Башня генуэзской крепости Алустон. 15 век.
  • ALUSHTA - Der Genueser Turm, wohl über 600 Jahre alt