Ukraine is a nation that lies in the Eastern Europe. On the east of the country there is Russia. On its west there is Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. On the south it is surrounded by the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. On its southwest it is bordered by Moldova and Romania, and on its north it is bordered by Belarus.

The largest city in Ukraine is its capital city and it is the city of Kiev. There are twenty-four provinces in Ukraine and two cities that have special status. These two cities are Sevastopol and Kiev.

There are about 46.2 million people in this country and more than 75% of these people are Ukrainians. The remaining people in Ukraine are Romanians, Russians and Belarusians.

The Official language of Ukraine is the Ukrainian language but Russian is also spoken by many people. The chief religion of this nation is the Eastern Orthodox Christianity and this religion has influenced the music, literature and architecture of the country.

Ukraine is considered to be the 44th largest country in the world with an area of about 603,700 square kilometers. Its coastline is about 2,782 square kilometers. This country ranks 8th as the most visited countries in the world by the tourists.

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    Ascension of Our Lord Church, Yasinya

    Ascension (Ascension of Our Lord Church) or Strukovsky church - a real pride of the village Yasinya and all Hutsul region. Built it at the beginning of 1824 on the slopes Kosterivki - amazingly beautiful mountains.

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    Assumption Cathedral (Cathedral of the Dormition), Kharkiv

    The Assumption or Dormition Cathedral was the main Orthodox church of Kharkiv, Ukraine until the construction of the Annunciation Cathedral in 1901. The cathedral stands on the University Hill by the bank of the Lopan River and dominates the entire downtown. The Neoclassical cathedral bell tower, built in the 1820s and 1830s to a height of 90 meters, remained the tallest building in the city until the 21st century.

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    Bar Fortress (Ruins)

    Bar Fortress Ruins in Bar town located on the Riv River in the Vinnytsia Oblast (province) of central Ukraine.

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    Berezhany Castle (Ruins)

    Berezhany Castle round which the modern town of Berezhany has sprung up, was built on an island in the Zolota Lypa River in the 1530s and 1540s by Mikolaj Sieniawski as the main residence of the Sieniawski magnate family.

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    Brody Castle

    Brody Castle is a former fortress in the city of Brody, part of Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. The first information about the construction of the castle in Brody town refers to the 1580s.

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    Bronka Castle (Ruins)

    Bronka Castle Ruins. Located in the village Bron'ka Transcarpathian region, Irshavskogo area now remaining among the ruins. First mentioned in 1273.

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    Calamita Fortress (Ruins), Inkerman

    Calamita Fortress Ruins. At the top of the cliff towering ruins of the Monastery of the medieval fortress Calamita. Built the fortress was in the early XV century on the site of the old Byzantine ruler of the Crimean strengthen the Christian principality of Theodoro.

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    Castle (Ruins), Mykulyntsi

    Castle Ruins in Mykulyntsi in the Terebovlia District of Ternopil Oblast' (province) in western Ukraine.

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    Castle (Ruins), Sutkivtsi

    Castle Ruins (XV century) in Sutkivtsi village, Khmelnytsky oblast, Ukraine. Castle today - is the only surviving defense tower.

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    Castle (Ruins), Toki

    Castle Ruins in Toki village in Ternopil region. Castle was built in 16th century.

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    Castle (Ruins), Zinkiv

    It is interesting that the castle had the shape of an equilateral triangle, each side of which was on 85 meters. At each corner of the buildings were hexagonal tower. Zenkovsky castle towering above the river Ushytsya, on the other hand it did impregnable wide and deep ravine.

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    Castle Hill, Lubny

    Castle Hill in Lubny city in the Poltava Oblast (province) of central Ukraine.

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    Castle Hill, Vinnytsia

    Castle Hill in Vinnytsia city in west-central Ukraine, located on the banks of the Southern Bug.

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    Castle St. Miklos, Chinadievo

    Castle St. Miklos or Saint Nicholas is located in the village of Chinadievo that in Mukachevo Transcarpathian region. In addition, he has a third, more romantic name - Castle of Love.

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    Castle, Halych

    The Castle in Halych was built in the middle of the XIV century. However it was known as the fixed citadel in 1114. Archaeologists consider that at the first this was a wooden building which later became the strong Castle of Halych princes (XII-XIV centuries).