Castle (Ruins), Zinkiv

Zinkiv was once one of the largest settlements skirts. The first mention of it dates back to the year 1404. Polish King Vladislav Jagiello in 1431 the city passed into the hands of the local warlord Peter Odrovondzhu. He has subsequently for the city of Magdeburg law, according to which local residents have the right to self-government and their own judgment. It was then decided to build a castle, which became an important part of the fortification system skirts. It was built by the way, the means of the local community.

It is interesting that the castle had the shape of an equilateral triangle, each side of which was on 85 meters. At each corner of the buildings were hexagonal tower. Zenkovsky castle towering above the river Ushytsya, on the other hand it did impregnable wide and deep ravine. Between the two towers that looked out on the river, located a huge three-story house, outdoor wall which served as a defensive wall. It should be emphasized that the thickness of the walls - three and a half meters!

The castle was partially destroyed during the Turkish invasion in the second half of the 17th century. In 1774, the fortress was partly restored. As he reached dowry to Anna Maria Czartoryski, which connected the chains of Hymen himself Prince Ludwig Vyurtenberzskym.

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