Castle St. Miklos, Chinadievo

Castle St. Miklos or Saint Nicholas is located in the village of Chinadievo that in Mukachevo Transcarpathian region. In addition, he has a third, more romantic name - Castle of Love.

The building has two floors and is in the shape of a rectangle. The castle also contains two corner towers on three tiers. Its construction falls on line 14-15 centuries, so the structure is made ​​in the style of Romanesque feudal residence.

History of the castle St. Miklos rich in various historical events. For many years the construction was able to visit in the possession of a noble baron kind Pereni, serve as a guard pass, become a hiding place for the rebel army. With the advent of Soviet rule the castle was used in a variety of practical purposes (forest, village council, etc.) and does not store any historical and cultural character.

Now at the castle art gallery and museum exhibition, art exhibitions, live music, meeting artists, concerts of classical chamber music, presentations, films and books, the wedding ceremony young couples. And also, on the basis of the lock operates Tourist Information Centre St. Miklos.

  • Чинадієвський замок, Chynadiyovo - castle
  • Чинадієвський замок, castle in Chynadiyovo
  • Rákóczi kastély
  • Rákóczi kastély
  • Замок Сент-Миклош
  • Замок Сент-Миклош.
  • Чинадиевский замок. Центральный вход
  • Чанадієвський замок
  • Сент-Миклош. Замок