Terebovlia Castle (Ruins)

The ruins of the castle Terebovlia located on the rugged mountain in the north-western part of Terebovlya. Strengthening existed here in princely times, when the settlement owned Prince Vasil'ko Rostislavich. Construction of a new royal castle In 1366 the Polish king Casimir III approved Terebovlia as a border fortress of the Polish state. The last reconstruction of the fortress in 1631 made the city mayor A. Balaban. She had an irregular shape, consisting of three towers, defensive walls, ditches and shafts with the most vulnerable north side. The castle has undergone several Tatar raids. He became famous during the heroic defense in 1675 when the wife of the commandant S. Hshanovsky managed to raise the morale of the defenders were preparing to surrender the city, and castle withstood a Turkish siege (in the XVIII century. grateful people erected a monument Hshanovsky, which was later lost and restored in 2012). Last Tatar siege in 1687 was fatal - the castle was burned and then was not restored. In the 1930s, gg held conservation ruins at defense shafts a park (in the castle wall mounted plaques with the names of patrons). The best preserved oval tower (Bastion) "Rondell", which offers a beautiful view of the city.

  • Стара фортеця
  • Теребовля - велика башта замку, Terebovlya - big tower of the castle, Trembowla - zamek
  • Теребовля - північний мур замку, Terebovlya - walls
  • Теребовля - північно-західна башта згори, Terebovlya - tower
  • Теребовля - північно-східна башта згори, Terebovlya - tower
  • Теребовля - західний мур замку, Terebovlya - walls
  • Фортеця у Теребовлі (1630 р.)
  • крепость Теребовля
  • Теребовля - руїни замкових споруд, Terebovlya - ruins
  • Теребовля. Замок (1630р.)
  • Фортеця у Теребовлі (1630 р.)
  • Замок Теребовля http://starcom68.livejournal.com/1139451.html
  • Stara Fortetsya