Zbarazh Castle

Zbarazh Castle is a fortified defense stronghold in Zbarazh, built during the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It dominates the crests of the Zamkova Hills of Ternopil Oblast in Western Ukraine next to the city's central plaza that was not in so distant past surrounded by marshland. The castle existence has been credited to last members of the Polish Zbaraski family, Krzysztof and Jerzy Zbaraski.

Evidence of the City of Zbarazh formation can be seen in the Ruthenia fortress dating back to 1211 that was positioned somewhat away from current castle. Today this is a village of Zbarazky District located in the immediate proximity of Zbarazh itself and called the Village of Stary Zbarazh. At that distant time the old castle and the province was ruled by Gediminids Landlords Zbarazky.

The castle is known for being the seat of the Polish aristocratic Wiśniowiecki family and its prominent members, most notably Jeremi Wisniowiecki.

Prior to 1939, the castle complex was located in its founding nation, Poland.

  • Zbarazh (Zbaraż), Brama zamkowa
  • Zbarazh (Zbaraż) , widok zamku z murów obronnych
  • Збаразький замок, Zbarazkyi Castle, 1626 - 1631
  • Замковые ворота
  • Башта Збаразького замку, tawer of the Zbarazkyi Castle
  • Двір Збаразького замку, yard of the Zbarazkyi Castle
  • Палац у Збаразькому замку, palace
  • Збараж. Замок
  • Збараж. Замок
  • Zbarazh (Zbaraż), brama wejściowa
  • Замок у Збаражі. Ворота. (Castle in Zbarazh. Main Intrance) 1626-1631рр.
  • ►На терені замку
  • Збараж (Тернопільська обл.) - Збаразький замок (1626-1631 рр.)
  • Збараж (Тернопільська обл.) - Вхід до підземелля Збаразького замку (1626-1631 рр.)
  • Тернопільська обл. Збараж. Замок 15-17ст.
  • Скоро весна
  • Ров
  • Збараж. Рів навколо замку
  • Castle in Zbarazh, Ternopil region, Ukraine
  • Castle in Zbarazh, Ternopil region, Ukraine
  • Панорама парку