Zamochok, Belz

Historical and cultural heritage of Belz is reflected in numerous sites of history, archeology, architecture, and arts.

In Zamochok we can trace the ancient prencely town of the X-XIII cc., in the XIV-XVIII cc. the voivode’s castle was located here, in tracts of Klymenshchyna, Monastyryshche and Triytsia there were found vestiges of ancient monasteries.

The fragments of powerful seventeenth century fortifications were preserved.

The church of St. Paraskeva is one of Ukrainian oldest wooden sacral monuments. Mysterious for everyone seems the hexagonal Tower-chapel. Complexes of Dominicans monasteries of Fathers and Sisters and the chrch of St. Nicolas are valuable as architectural, historical, and artistical sites. Irsze Lews House of praying, Jewish cemetery with several matsevas and mikveh remind about the active life of Belz Jews.

In 2001 the State Historical and Cultural Preserve in the town of Belz was created with the aim to research, preserve, and popularize rich spiritual, historical, and cultural heritage of the town. The preserve also includes the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Marry, built in the town of Uhniv in 1683-1695, and the church of St. Mark of 1688-1693 in the village of Wariazh.

  • Костел святого Валентина (нині цеоква Миколая) на Замочку
  • Старые ясени на территории храмового комплекса.
  • Белз. Річка Солокія
  • ►Droga Jezusa
  • ►Каплиця Святого Валентина
  • Святой Доминик и Святой Франциск свято охраняют икону Белзкой Божей Матери.
  • ►Церква Святого Миколая (в минулому католицький костел Святої Панни Марії)
  • ►Kościół
  • ПАнорама Белза
  • Белз.
  • Государственный историко-культурный заповелник в г. Белз.
  • ►Руїни Домініканського костелу
  • Монастир с. Домініканок та Ратуша
  • ►Ратуша
  • ►Руїни Домініканського костелу
  • Башню ратуши украшает ажурный фонарь,а на ее 4-м ярусе в 1920г. установлены часы.
  • Стены костела были укреплены мощными контрфорсами 16в.
  • Ратуша