Zamkova Hora (Castle Hill), Kiev

Zamkova Hora (Castle Hill) in Kiev, Ukraine is a historical landmark in the center of the city. It is part of the city's geographic relief complex known as Kiev Mountains (or Kiev Hills). The place is called "Zamkova" because Vytautas the Great had his castle here. Other names: Khorevytsya, Kyselivka, Frolovska, Lysa Hora. Some important events of Ukrainian history took place on the hill.

According to some researchers, Zamkova Hora also has a mystical prehistory, supposedly being one of the lysi hory ("bald mountains") - the sites of the witch gatherings. Geographically, it is really "bald" (lacking trees) from several sides.

In the 18th century a cemetery was established on the hill (now abandoned).

It is now a small landscape park in Podil Raion still containing interesting grave monuments. Zamkova Hora is also one of two hills that border the Andriyivskyy Descent.

Reclaiming the mystical essence of the hill, local satanist groups conduct their ceremonies there since late 1980s. Small ritual structures were covertly built on site.

  • Остатки смотровой площадки, 1849 г.
  • Panorama from Zamkova gora (Khorevytsa) for Peter (thor@odin™)
  • View of the Podol district of Kiev from Zamkova gora
  • Вид с Замковой горы на микрорайон "Воздвиженка" в урочище Гончары-Кожемяки
  • Спуск с Замковой
  • Домики за Замковой горой